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Various resource persons were invited to conduct seminars for the high school students.

Resource Person Topic
Dr. Shilpa Thakkar - Problems of Adolescence
Mrs. Sonal Sheth
(Counsellor at Innovative School)
- Importance of values and virtues
Mrs. Tisha Roy
(Lecturer, Christ college)
- Team Building
Dr. Atul Joshi
(Prof. at Govt. Medical college, Rajkot)
- Psychological aspects of Adolescence
Ms. Riddhi Joshi
(PRO / Principal, sarvodaya school)
- Positive thinking
Dr. Jyoti Shah
(Sterling Hospital)
- Health and Hygiene
Mr. Paresh Kotak
(Principal, AVPTI college)
- Personality development
Dr. Kamal Mehta
(HOD Eng., Saurashtra Uni.)
- Self confidence, Planning and Discipline
Mr. Mayant Batavia
(Director, Empower Career)
- Career guidance and its importance
Dr. Daksha Chauhan
(HOD Commerce, Sau. Uni.)
- Problems of teenager and solutions
Dr. Mehul Mitra
(Private practice)
- Problems related to adolescence
Dr. Pratapsinh Chauhan
(HOD, MBA, Sau. Uni.)
- Career guidance
Mr. Chhagan Modwania - Physical planet viewing
Captain Jason Thomas
- Effective classroom teaching (Teachers' Seminar)
Mr. E. P. Desai
(Jt. Director, Secondary education)
- Chief guest for Exhibition cum fun fair

We extend our hearty thanks to these guests.